2nd Search & Rescue Squad from Minsk Mazowieckiabbreviation: 2nd. SAR Squad – military unit of Polish Air Force designed to operate in a system of national air rescue.

In 2013 2nd. SAR Squad had its debut on Mazury AirShow. Presented along with Mazurskim WOPRMazurskim Wodnym Ochotniczym Pogotowiem Ratunkowym (en.: Masurian Voluntary Water Rescue) share water rescue demonstration using rope techniques for multi-purpose helicopter W-3 Falcon design and production PZL Swidnik. Their dynamic show impressed the audience and the organizers decided to invite them also in 2014, where once again their will present their skills. Between shows, the Squad with his helicopter will be based at the airport Kętrzyn Wilamowo.


More about 2nd. SAR Squad More about PZL-W3 „Falcon”



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