Aviation world teaches a lot of perseverance, patience and humility. Today we received information from our friend from Sweden, that, unfortunately, their „Daisy” has been due to procedural reasons grounded and therefore will not be able this year to appear „on the catwalk” before an audience Mazury AirShow. Following correspondence excerpt, which we got from Lars:

Dear friends, I deeply regret having to inform you that we have to cancel the trips to the Annual Air show […] Other solutions are also being discussed but will not solve the problem in time for the above flights. Please bear with us and we will work on coming back next year in full force. Best regards, Lars


We also ask for your forbearance. We regret and wish „Daisy” and her caregivers lot of perseverance, patience and luck at the earliest possible return to the natural environment – the sky. We hope to see them next year.


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