Flying Bulls Aerobatics Duo

Yes. This year’s at Mazury Airshow 2014 you will have opportunity to gather a double dose of Red Bull. It is now officially confirmed premiere presentation of the Flying Bulls Aerobatic DUO.

It is established this year brand new air aerobatics formation, branded by the Red Bull, which creates two outstanding friendly Czechs – Stanislav Čejka as a team leader and Jan Rudzinskyj as a winger. They will perform aerobatics on two cutting-edge, high-performance aerobatic aircrafts Sbach 342XtremeAir 42 (XA-42). In a short cuts: units equipped with engines of 315 hp, flying at a maximum speed of over 400 km / h, ready to overload + / - 10 GThe moments where the pilot weighing 90 kg weighs 900 kg[/ dt_tooltip], and can perform rotations around its axis almost one and a half times per second.

In secret we can tell you, that the pilots willingly pose for photos, so we invite you to to their base during Mazury AirShow – airport Kętrzyn Wilamowo.

Więcej o Flying Bulls Aerobatic DUO More about XA 42

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