Our shows will visit the largest Polish transportation aircraft Lockheed C-130 „Hercules”. It will arrive from 3rd Air Transportation Wing in Powidz.

This is the longest consecutive produced (over 50 years), a military transport plane. Although its maximum takeoff weight exceeding 70 tonnes and on board it can take more than thirty tons of cargo, 92 passengers or 74 litter patients with 5 medical crew, it can operate from unpaved runways with takeoff distance slightly excessing 400 m (at 36 ‚300 kg gross weight). He could therefore with no doubts land and take-off from our aero club Kętrzyn-Wilamowo airport (EPKE). Besides, it is the largest and heaviest airplane that can land on an aircraft carrier.

And we’ll have a chance to watch it on the second day Masuria Airshow 2014 August 3.


More about C-130 Hercules


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