Plik:Luftschiff Montgolfier.jpgMontgolfiere – a simple hot air balloon. First montgolfiers were built by the Montgolfier brothers in 1792. They were built out of paper, linen or silk. The air in montgolfiere was heated by the flames of the fire, hence their capacity was small and short range. Renewed interest in hot-air balloon took place in the 60s of the twentieth century, when to heat the air in the balloon using burners fueled by propane.

Historical Aviation Expedition is a group of balooniers founded by Mark Roleski. It presents the world’s only flying replica of the balloon of the Montgolfier brothers. Balloon, who first raised the people. Of course, the replica is built with modern materials, and fuel is not a straw and sheep’s wool. The canopy is filled with air heated by gas burner blower placed in an oak cask.TOP_6409

To bring a little bit for the public climate in which the first balloons took off, the whole group is in the costumes of the era.

Head of the group is pil.inst. Krzysztof Rękas (850 flights balloon hot air and hydrogen).


Mongolfier technical data

  • Balon type –  Kubíček BB-S „Montgolfier”
  • Serial number: 717
  • Registration: SP-BDH
  • Name „Roleski”
  • Type of cut: Z-type
  • Meridians numbers: 20
  • Fabric consumption:
    • total coating surface: 1100 m2,
    • total ribs surface: 345 m2,
    • total print surface : 520 m2.
  • Volume: 2850 m3,
  • Displacement: 2800 m2.
  • Baloon height: 21,28 m
  • Baloon height with basket: 25,58 m
  • Max diameter: 16,9 m
  • Entrance diameter: 3,8 m
  • Surface of the flap parachute: 13 m2.
  • Coating weight: 182 kg
  • Max take-off weight: 900 kg


The balloon will be on display on the beach in Gizycko, and start with the early morning from the airport Kętrzyn Wilamowo.

With favorable weather conditions, Saturday at 18:30 is planned to be quite spectacular surprise.



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