On our show will appear true, made in 1:1 scale copy of the Polish touristic and sport airplane RWD-5R.

On such a plane in 1933 Stanislaw Skarżyński made from Africa (St. Louis, Senegal) to South America (Maceio, Brazil) record flight of 3582 km, for the most part over the Atlantic.

A few interesting facts:

  • Stanisław Skarżyński fly the distance in a… suit and tie, because double seater tourist plane with a covered cabin was very innovative design at the time.
  • The flight took 20 hours and 30 minutes. Aviator diet that day consisted of bananas, oranges, chocolate, candy and cola (CocaColi not only rich in caffeine beverage from the extract of coconuts). Supply of food had to be rather huge because snacking was a way to combat pilot sleepiness and lasted almost the entire flight. Twenty hours of eating chocolate… hmmm.
  • The flight was not extraordinary itself, because such flights already took places in those Times. Extraordinary was the fact that it was on such small plane. Until this days it is smallest flying machine that has ever defeated the Atlantic Ocean. 80 years have passed since this day on May 8th last year.
  • His flight to Masuria Airshow is also not the extraordinary. That replica is flying in the sky for years. However, during the two days of our shows there will be rare possibility TO FLY RWD-5R. We invite you to the airport Kętrzyn Wilamowo, where the plane will be based.


More about reconstruction RWD-5


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