RWD-5R is a microlight aircraft flying replica of the pre-war tourism – sports built in the nineties by the Experimental Aviation Association fund social contributions. In a situation where the impressive achievements of Polish engineering and aviation industries before September 1, 1939 have survived to today 4 (cztery!) planes from the 30s – those, alas, just as the exhibition exhibits became a natural idea to play at least one capable of presentation of historical machines in the air.

Why the choice fell on the RWD-5? Linked with experimental Workshops in Warsaw Lotnicze structural unit RWD (Rogalski, Wigura / Wędrychowski, Drzewiecki) had outstanding achievements. In the years 1928-1939 according to the project was built around 920 aircraft twenty types, mostly sports – tourism. RWD machines can reach the success in the world – such were the victories in international competitions airline Challenge in 1932 and 1934 (RWD-6 and RWD-9) But even wider echo blew up in 1933, a feat Stanislaus Skarżyńskiego, which at the tourist RWD-5 has numbering 3’582 km flight across the Atlantic, breaking the world record for the occasion aircraft weighing up to 450 kg.

There was none of the first transoceanic flights, but today RWD-5 is the smallest aircraft ever managed to fly across the Atlantic.
A sensation at the time woke also the fact that the pilot defeated the ocean … in a suit and tie. Because double airplane turn-tangent of the covered cabin was an innovative design that provides a rare back then comfort.

Reconstructed RWD outwardly no different from the original. Added him only the tail wheel instead of skids, which was necessary because of today need to use concrete runways. There is also a bit heavier, load-bearing elements need to be strengthened; current technical requirements are more stringent than in 1930. did not affect the performance of this aircraft, which are comparable to the original. Aircraft marked as RWD-5R (R = replica) received registration marks SP – LOT and is painted in blue and silver color PLL „LOT”, because in the years 1933-1936 one RWD-5 was used by the company; Moreover, and themselves Polish Airlines, and their employees have made an extremely generous to fund reconstruction RWD.

Foundation Statute requires that the airplane is reminiscent of the glorious traditions of the Polish Air Force was in the broadest possible manner presented to the Polish public. Therefore, the Experimental Aviation Association EAA 991 seeks to has been involved not only in major events like Masuria Airshow, but also in other shows and festivals or celebrations air anniversaries. And his presence combined with the appropriate information and propaganda always arouses great interest.

Maybe, RWD-5R is not able to turn the head daring aerobatics air, but its classic, refined aerodynamic silhouette is very photogenic either in flight or on the ground.
Approved for normal operation of the aircraft can fly in a double cast, with the fact that only a little larger landing because his wings just like in the original are not equipped with flaps.


Source: Experimental Aviation Association