Tadeusz Sznuk – radio and television journalist, presenter, creator of Polish Radio program The Signals of the Day, unforgettable voice of Summer with the Radio, presenter of Studio 2 TV show, Festival of Polish Songs in Opole and continuosly aired for 20 years (since 6th of June 1994) tv quiz-show Ten to One.

Winner of the Golden Microphone, Microphone Master, Diamond Microphone and Telekamery in the category of TV Personality.


When asked „Which time he will narrate Mazury AirShow and where from comes such a fascination with aviation and flying?” answered with his characteristic modesty:

To be honest – I do not remember. I just know that when it’s the first weekend of August – I have to be in Ketrzyn or Giżycko. I have got it in my blood. Here I meet fellow airmen, always arriving interesting flying machines … Over the Wilamowo airport I first time air borne by myself.

So we expect, early August that this year, his instinct review and he will narrate what we see in the skies.

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