Mazury AirShow is the only event of that kind in this part of Europe, that:

happens over...

the surface of the lake

can be admired from....

the beach, a pier, a blanket, benches, a kayak, a boat or a ship …

is entirely gratis...

for the spectators

give access to both, the airshows, as well as ...

the close look at takeoffs and landings

is organised by...

aviation enthusiasts for aviation enthusiasts and their friends

is honoured by the presence of...

the astronaut general Mirosław Hermaszewski

has the longest in Poland...

uninterrupted, 20 years long tradition of organising Airshow

is streamed on radio ...

through “AirShow Radio” (the frequency 90.1 MHz) with an excellent commentary by Tadeusz Sznuk; especially appreciated by the ever-growing audience admiring shows from the yachts and ships, as well as by the smartphone users.

 In the last 19 years

our AirShow hosted


that have completed

air operations

in order to for


covering a distance of


entertain and provide unforgettable impressions to


It is, as ifcitizens of

like Giżycko watched NON-STOP during more than


an aircraft, that would in this time circumnavigate the globe along the parallel crossing display area of Mazury AirShow

And, to our great satisfaction, they came back for more!

Thanks to unique location and specific profile of Mazury Airshow, we were happy to host such aircrafts and constructions like: