We reserve that the list of attractions is not a closed list. We make every effort to make it as reliable as possible, but it may change for many reasons, including technical ones, even to the very moment of the show. We will try to inform you as soon as possible about any changes.

Aerobatic Team “White-Red Sparks “

Most and about the longest, as we have, a 20-year tradition of Polish aerobatic team flying on jet planes. It is worth seeing because it may be one of the last shows on the Sparks. In the country are already new training planes-M-346 Master.


Extra 330 SC and Maciej Pospieszyński – the first time at MAS

Maciej Pospieszyński – two-time World Champion of glider aerobatics, Polish Airshow Aerobatics Champion 2014. At Mazury, AirShow will perform aerobatics demonstration on an Extra 330SC airplane – top in terms of performance from the aerobatic German family Extra. Created to meet the requirements of the highest aerobatic class – Unlimited.


C-130 Hercules

Lockheed C-130 “Hercules”

Many “-EST”: the largEST military transportation aircraft in Poland, longEST continuously produced (over 50 years). Operating with the hardEST landings. The highEST and heaviEST plane that can land on an aircraft carrier.
bEST to see it;)


MI-24 “Flying tank”

To Mazury AirShow will come, from 49 Air Base in Pruszcz Gdański, 2 heavy transport-combat MI-24. This Soviet helicopters – icons of the battlefield, one of the most powerful in the world, which, despite their production…


Autogyros 57y Team

57y TEAM. Gyroplane Xenon and Gyroplane Zen 1. The history of these machines a little bit brings to mind Twix advertisings. But what gentlemen do on them in the air is already corrida combined with the ballet.